Let us present WABi

Small enough to be a tourism cabin or large enough to be a two storey home the WABi range consists of unique building technologies and systems that use pre fabricated components to create ultra strong permanent homes with flexibility and style.


Conceptualising  creativity with simplicity, the WABi series provides the perfect balance between lifestyle living and affordable budgets. Although each space is specifically designed to incorporate the requirements of the individual and desired functionality, it is the financial aspects that make the modular approach so appealing.  By dissolving the constant need to over compensate, the Wabi adopts the attitude of “less is more” without compromising on style and design. The beauty therefore is in its simplicity.


Wabi is designed and built sustainably from concept to completion, all homes come with a six star energy efficiency rating as standard, a 9 star rating is also an available option by applying some minor upgrades to the standard homes making Wabi one of the most unique and sustainable units on the market.