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WABi’s panel proprietary construction system

has been developed over a number of years to provide robust  buildings with flexibility in design

About WABi

WABi’s panel proprietary construction system has been developed over a number of years to provide robust buildings with flexibility in design and the highest structural and thermal performance on the market.


We employ the experts in modular construction and engineering and we combine these skills with architects who provide functional but sophisticated designs which satisfy our customer’s needs.


We work with our clients to assist them in developing designs that meet their funding requirements, and we work with them throughout the delivery process, providing all necessary project management and post-sales support.


Smarter, Stronger, Simpler and more Affordable than any other comparable building system.

The WABi System

WABi Wall Panel System
Our WABi wall panels are the highest performing proprietary structural insulated panels (SIP) on the market.


Panels are 75 mm thick and are constructed using a frame of fibre reinforce plastic (FRP) pultrusion with cement sheet boarding on either side. The panels is then injected under pressure with Polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam injected.


They are connected at the floor and ceiling using a standard interlocking pultrusion track that is glued or screwed in position. Panels are then located on the track and adjacent panels are connected using an interlocking pultrusion glued in position.

WABi Roof and Ceiling Systems
Our WABi roofing and ceiling systems are designed to match the modular dimensions of our homes and they are delivered as complete kits, including all of the necessary fittings and fittings and finishes.


All components are made from Z350 treated steel, which are cut to length and referenced to the part number noted on the relevant drawing. If steel roof sheeting is specified, this is provided by Colorbond and panels and flashings are cut to size. Insulation and sarking materials are also provided.
Alternative roofing finishes may also be provided, such as stretched roofs or PVC Shades

Eco Anchor Foundations
The Eco Anchor is patented technology that offers an innovative foundation system for our cabins and homes and eliminates the requirements for cast insitu concrete footings.


The system comprises of a bearing plate, from which with four drive rods are installed into the ground in order to provide horizontal vertical support and stability. The rods are driven into the ground using a pneumatic hammer and once installed they form a structurally stable and level footing system.